Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time to Dine Out!

Hey Divas, it's almost the weekend. My boyfriend, Kuzak, and I are hosting some very special guests: Kuzak's Bro and his Chicago Foodie Wife. They're excited to visit for two reasons (besides seeing their families): 1) to meet the Adorable Monster and 2) to dine out! We're very excited to have them and have several great meals planned, including LA Hot Spot, Animal, on Friday night and my very favorite restaurant, Sona, on Saturday night where we plane to dine on their famous improvisational tasting menu. We may even sneak in side trips to Sushi Nozawa (reviewed here) and Comme Ca for oysters and drinks. Needless to say, there won't be much cooking going down this weekend, but stay tuned for reviews and notes on our divalicious meals. It promises to be a fab weekend!

Even the Monster thinks so! He's not joining us for dinner - but I did pick him up a brand new bag of scrumptious dog food. Also, he starts puppy class on Saturday. Let's just hope he's more adorable than monstrous, or he might get doggie detention.

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