Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's For Dinner, Diva?

I'm lounging on the sofa after a satisfying brunch I whipped up for my boyfriend, Kuzak. We dined on pumpkin pancakes with fresh ginger, slow-cooked organic granny smith apples with brown sugar, organic chicken sausages & organic bacon. The pancakes turned out so divalicious, that I promise to blog my recipe in the upcoming weeks! And, now with a moment of free time, I'm contemplating that age old question.

No, it's not what's the meaning of life. The question I'm grappling with is what on earth to make for dinner tonight! Now, today I have to make a grocery store run, having stripped my pantry nearly bare. That means the possibilities for dinner are seemingly endless. Given that I like to eat fish and seafood right away, and that the health benefits are high, I'll opt to make use of the fresh protein. I also have some lovely organic sweet potatoes that I need to use.

So what to do? Right now, I'm leaning toward picking up a steakier fish, such as Sea Bass or Halibut. I could pair it with a mix of roasted sweet potatoes and new potatoes, almost like a hash. If I saute up some greens, it would be a complete, healthy dish. Then, maybe I'll add a whole grain mustard and white wine sauce to top it off. Abra Cadabra! We might have a winner. Stay tuned to find out! I promise to blog the dinner.

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