Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Adorable Monster Eats a Sock for Lunch

My puppy, The Adorable Monster, decided to order the "sock" lunch today. He offered The Diva a bite, but she wisely opted for a delicious salad wrap (click here for recipe) instead! The Monster claims his lunch was far tastier and insisted I share with you Divas his secret recipe!

The Adorable Monster's Sock Lunch Recipe

1 sock, the dirtier the better
1 cup dirty laundry marinade

1/4 cup foot sweat (aged one week)
1 tbsp dirt
2 tsp floor grime
salt and pepper


Take one old sock and have your human owner wear it for as many days as possible without washing it. If feasible, request that they walk outside without shoes to add extra flavor. Then, marinade the sock in the dirty laundry pile for at least a week. Next, remove the sock from the dirty laundry pile and drag it around the house for an hour, rubbing it on the floors to season it. Finally, remove the sock from the floor and chow down on it like a ravenous monster!

The Adorable Monster Seasons His Sock

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  1. love the diva and the dog!! soooo cute;) oxoxo.