Monday, March 2, 2009

This Week on Domestic Divas!

Happy Monday to my BDFF's (for you newbies, Best Diva Friends Forever)! And even if Monday isn't happy for you, let the Diva cheer you up! This promises to be a big week for Domestic Diva's everywhere! Last night, I ventured out to the hottest new restaurant in Los Angeles - The Bazaar by Jose Andres! Trained under famed Spanish chef Ferran Adria, Andres' new takes on old tapas is truly magical - part magic trick, part culinary genius! Stay tuned for my pictures and review this week. In another exciting development, I'll be guesting this week on my BDFF, Jen H.'s cooking blog, Piccante Dolce! For my guest spot, I whipped up a fabulous dish that's a twist on a classic comfort food - corn chowder. Check my blog roll if you'd like to preview her site, or click on the link above.

This week, I'll also be posting new, original recipes, including one for Domestic Diva's Perfect Pasta Salad with Cannellini Beans and Tomato Confit! Tonight, I'll be cooking a lovely fish that makes regular appearances in Sushi restaurants, but doesn't find its way to the home kitchen as often: Yellowtail! So stay tuned for that recipe, and many more! New columns will be addressing diverse topics, from reasons to eat organic, to what to do with those plastic waters bottles, to what fish you should be eating!

We are all on a path, so let us journey together toward a better life!


  1. Let's go the Bazar in the spring when we come to you you, Kuzak and RIKER! SB

  2. Yes, that's a grand idea!! That place was certainly a special experience. xoxo