Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Just Another Manic Monday!

Domestic Diva's Braised Cassoulet

Happy Monday! Alright, maybe it's not happy, maybe it's manic, and what can you do except take a few minutes off to surf the internet and read my blog! Last night, I enjoyed a quiet Sunday night dinner at home with Kuzak and the Monster. We dined on Braised White Bean Cassoulet and a lovely salad of organic heirloom tomatoes and red leaf lettuce. After an indulgent weekend of eating out all over town, it was nice to decompress at home. This morning, I already hit the gym for weight training, downed a shot of wheat grass, and jetted home to appease the Monster. Time to get some writing done!

New on DD's this week, I blogged both my Friday night meals at Comme Ca and Animal and my Saturday night dinner at Sona, so enjoy reading about them! And this week I plan to get back into cooking. I'm already inspired by some of the dishes I had at Sona, so hang tight for my take on them. It promises to be a busy week, so let's hope we all find the time to do everything we want to do. Have a great week!

Click here for DD's Braised Cassoulet recipe!

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