Friday, April 3, 2009

My Top Chef Brother Is Coming to LA!

Divas, big news! My Top Chef brother has just informed me that he's coming to LA in May. He phoned me up to discuss dinner - almost a month and half in advance. That's what I love about him. Top on his list is Osteria Mozza. Last time he visited, we ate at Pizzeria Mozza, and he enjoyed the meal and was even able to say hello to his buddy, Mario Batali, who happened to be dining next to us. After some discussion, we decided we should also go to The Bazaar. He pointed out that all he hears about these days is Jose Andres, plus he hasn't had jamon iberica since he was in Spain last year. Now that we've settled that, I can't wait to see him! Look for me to blog our feasts in May.

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