Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Books that are Cookin'!

Hey divalicious pals, time to introduce a new blogging segment called Books that are Cookin'! Periodically, I'll be recommending books that inspire us to make wonderful food, to nurture our health, or to be better human beings, and thus better domestic divas! The book I'm recommending today is Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin (see my Amazon store at the bottom of the blog for a link to the book). Not only does the title stress the importance of sharing food and drink as the essence of building relationships, but it's also one of the most inspiring true stories I've read. By sharing his story, Greg Mortenson shows us that we can all strive to do more for our fellow human beings, one school at a time.

This book chronicles one man's journey against all odds to build schools in the poorest regions of Pakistan. After a failed attempt to summit the world's second tallest mountain, Greg Mortenson stumbles into the remote village of Korphe. Sickened by the altitude and near death, the village elder and his family nurture him back to health. In his time in the village, Mortenson is shocked to discover seventy children studying outside on the cold, hard ground without even a roof over their heads or a teacher to instruct them. Before leaving the village, Mortenson vows to return and build them a school. On this fateful twist of fate, thus Mortenson begins his life long odyssey to bring eduction to some of the poorest, most remote regions of the world, believing strongly that education is the only lasting way to break the chains of poverty.

The first time you share tea, you are a stranger. The second time, you are an honored guest. The third time you become family.

So share some tea and check out this book! The Diva is off to brew herself another pot of Mighty Leaf Green Tea! Special thanks goes to BDFF Shelley B for gifting the Diva a signed copy of this wonderful book! The same as tea, books are meant to be shared lovingly like the gifts they are...

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