Monday, February 16, 2009

Why We Should All Eat Green Eggs and Ham!

We all know that Dr. Seuss was a visionary when it comes to children's books, but it turns out that he may have also been a culinary genius! If you ask the Diva, every breakfast should have some green pigment coloring the dish. In fact, I think what Dr. Seuss really meant to write instead of Green Eggs and Ham was Greens, Eggs and Ham! Almost every morning, without fail, I have greens with my breakfast. I could make something as simple as a piece of Ezekiel Bread, an egg and some sauteed spinach (see DD's Sauteed Kale Recipe). The egg and the greens taste amazing together. Don't believe me? Have you ever tried Eggs Florentine? My Top Chef Brother of the esteemed restaurant Picco's in the Bay Area taught me that salad isn't just for lunch. Try it for bfast! Often, I make a simple salad of mixed greens sprinkled with good olive oil and a little sea salt topped with a poached egg. Another delicious option is an omelet or frittata filled with chopped kale or chard. You can scramble an egg with spinach in under two minutes. Prefer to gulp your bfast? Try making a juice drink with greens, or grab a shot of wheatgrass. Either way, you'll be improving your health and your palate in no time! Thank you Dr. Seuss...

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