Friday, January 22, 2010

Read My Blog - Support Haiti!

I have an exciting announcement to make!

Inspired by Cathy of Gastronomy who also organized Eat My Blog, I've joined my fellow food bloggers in Blog Away Hunger by donating all of my January ad revenue toward the World Food Program's Haiti disaster relief efforts.  Blog Away Hunger is the brainchild of Marc Matsumoto of No Recipes  and was founded to raise awareness for the World Food Program. 

"The World Food Program is a global aid organization dedicated to end world hunger; providing food to those who need it most, while building long term solutions that enable people to provide for themselves. Last year they helped 102 million people in 78 countries with 3.9 million tons of food. They are the only U.N. agency that does not receive regular allocations from the U.N. budget and so they need help from everyone to continue their work."

So to aid me in this cause, click click click away on my pages!  Now is a great time to browse through my recipe archives.  This will drive up my revenue!  Also, if you wish to donate directly, here's a link.  Be sure you select “Haiti Disaster” under Donor Designations.

Click here to donate directly to the World Food Program!

Together we can make the world a better place, one meal at a time.

Here's a list of other participating bloggers!


  1. I,too, have blogged about Haiti and (have) and will donate to Haiti. Check out a tasty Haitian recipe at;

  2. Rock on! Thanks for the support!! I'll check out your post. xoxo

  3. This is such a great cause to support. Thanks for helping get the word out!
    I've enjoyed your Meatless Mondays recipes. It is a challenge to come up with new ideas each week and I appreciate the inspiration from you.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I found your blog through the Inuyaki blog and am adding you to my google reader. Will be clicking through to help with your ad revenue as well as find some new recipes and food ideas. Thanks!

  5. Awesome, I LOVE Arnold. We met in LA in the Kogi taco line. Thanks for reading the blog and clicking away!!!! xoxo