Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fun (inpsired by The Adorable Monster)! Videos of Dogs Gretting Soldiers Returning Home!

Here's a little bit for Friday Fun for you divas in honor of The Adorable Monster, who is off at doggie daycare today, hopefully getting out all his monstrousness!

If you're fortunate enough to be the proud owner of a little furry monster like myself, then you're probably well aware of how excited your dog gets every time you come home.  One of my favorite activities is watching the Adorable Monster when he hears Kuzak's car pull up.  The tail begins to twitch, then it wags, then it goes full speed as he pounces on his nearest toy and leaps maniacally at the door.  The second Kuzak walks in, the Monster launches into his celebration dance/victory parade around the living room, prancing around, practically grinning his little head off!  It's the best part of his day.

And if you're really lucky, he'll even excitement pee on you!

So imagine how your dog would react if you'd just returned from a six month tour of duty overseas!  Well, you don't have to imagine because here's a great compilation of videos of dogs greeting soldier returning home!



  1. These videos were so fun and also made me want to cry... funny though I bet the Adorable Montster goes this crazy every night.

  2. I know - me too! And the Monster does get this crazy pretty much every day. ha!