Thursday, November 18, 2010

International Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange

Guess who's participating in the International Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange next month? That's right, Domestic Divas!

Melissa from My McDonald Meal will be making my Triple Ginger Cookies (they're spicy and sweet at the same time!), and I'll be making Marianne from French Fries to Flax Seed's Coconut Mango Lime Biscotti.

I'll confess that I'm more of a savory chef than a pastry chef (few dessert recipes grace this blog). In fact, baking can make me shudder like a leaf. It's the precision and alchemy of it all. That and knowing that I can't fix it if something goes awry.

And it can always go awry.

So this will be a challenge for me. I've never made biscotti, and just reading the recipe sent my heart racing. Shape into logs, bake, slice, bake, flip, bake again, glaze, drizzle. However, I just spent a day at Kale's Natural Foods Store with my vegan baker BFF (more on that culinary adventure next week) where I gave up my glazing virginity and glazed a ginger cookie for the very first time.

So for better or worse, I'll be making biscotti and blogging about it. Wish me luck!

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