Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oneida's Stainless Steel Mulitcooker, Girl Fest Hawaii, Azure Restaurant, and More!

Oneida's Stainless Steel Multicooker
Aloha Divas from Honolulu, where I'm eating and blogging in residence for the week!

I'm in town for Girl Fest, a conference dedicated to preventing violence against women and girls through education and art. I was invited to attend by the publisher of the the Hawaii Women's Journal (I write their food column). The events kicked off yesterday, with a fun opening night featuring spoken word poetry and music.

Special guests include actress and comedian Charlyne Yi (click here to check out the cover story interview that I did with her earlier this year), actress and poet Amber Tamblyn, and award-winning poet Mindy Nettifee. I can't wait for all the great events!

Also, on the menu this trip, I'm sneaking in a visit to Azure Restaurant on Friday night that specializes in local seafood. According to their website, every day begins at 5:30am with the ringing of a brass bell that signifies the opening of the Honolulu fish auction. I'm super excited to taste Chef de Cuisine Jon Matsubara's wares, and promise to photograph and blog about it.

Finally, I wanted to write about a gift I received in the mail earlier this month -- Oneida's Stainless Steel Multicooker (8 quart). In full disclosure, the pot was a gift from Oneida, but I'd already been searching for a new multicooker. I love these pots for everything from making stocks, to cooking pasta, to steaming vegetables. Did you know that steaming is one of the gentlest and easiest ways to prepare vegetables? It also retains the nutrients and vitamins that are vital to health. Give it a shot with your favorite veggies. Steam them until tender, then drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil, and top with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Yum! Now I'm hungry...

A lot is happening in the universe of divas, so stay tuned...

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