Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Fish Stew Recipe!

Yummy-Looking Fish Stew Recipe

Good morning, Divas! Did you feel the earthquake yesterday in Los Angeles? I was busy cooking dinner last night, a lovely pasta of thick, tender organic asparagus, prosciutto and fresh clams, when I felt everything shake. At first I thought it was the power of my culinary skills, but alas it was simply a natural disaster, and not a very major one at that. Dinner came out great and I promise to share my recipe this week.

As you dive into your Mondays, check out the frittata recipe I posted yesterday! There's nothing like kick-starting your day with a big dose of protein and veggies. Also, stay tuned this week as I bring you more recipes, health news, restaurant reviews and more! To get you started, here's a great recipe for fish stew. I bought some lovely grouper at the store yesterday and I may just have to try to this one out for myself.

Click here for the fish stew recipe!

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