Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Diva Download

Hey Divas! Hope you're all surviving your weeks. Tonight, I'm off to a Ladies Night mixer where I'll hopefully mingle with my girlfriends and nosh on mini cupcakes (they are divine)! And tomorrow, parents and my Top Chef Bro are flying into town for along weekend of food and fun! The party starts at Chateau Marmont with a late lunch and then continues at my pad. I'll be making supper for everyone, and I must confess, in the face of my mother, the Original Diva, my Top Chef Brother and my Wine Lover father, I'm a little nervous. Kuzak will have to man up and raid his wine cellar, digging to the back for some truly special bottles. I'm leaning toward making my famous braised cassoulet with mussels - I love serving it family style. Wish me luck!

Also, keep your fingers crossed that the Monster will behave himself and we won't have a repeat of the humping incident where he decided that Kuzak's father was his favorite humping post of all time.

Click here to check out my famous recipe for Braised Cassoulet!!

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