Sunday, May 17, 2009

Organic Arugula & Baby Pepper Frittata

To all my BDFFS, I hope you've had divalicious weekends - I know I had an amazing time with my family (The Original Diva, The Wine Lover & Top Chef Brother). We had several fabulous meals, the highlights being our dinner at Lucques, Osteria Mozza & The Bazaar by Jose Andres (our third trip to this establishment). This time around, we brought our own wine which they graciously decanted and served us (2003 Tablas Creek Panopolie, their top bottling, and 1994 Dominus, one of my Wine Lover father's favorite wines). At my Top Chef Brother's urging, we also opted for the Chef's Tasting Menu ($65/person), thus bypassing the overly complicated menu. The result was one of the best meals I've had since, well, since Friday anyway! I promise to blog all the details of each of our meals this week so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I'm coming to you this Sunday with my recipe from my Mother's Day brunch for Arugula and Baby Pepper Frittata. I'm a big fan of frittata's - they're light, lovely ways to start your morning with protein and veggies. I make this healthy breakfast treat with half egg whites and top it with crumbles of goat feta cheese. The result is a protein-packed, delicious way to jump start your day.

All Natural Prosciutto Served with Brunch

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Domestic Diva's Organic Arugula & Baby Pepper Frittata
Serves 4 people

5 organic eggs
5 organic egg whites
2 cups orgnic arugula
1 cup organic baby peppers, sliced into rounds
2 tbsp good olive oil
goat feta cheese (or regular feta cheese)
1 tsp fresh thyme
salt and pepper


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Beat the eggs and egg whites together until combined and slightly frothy. Season with salt and pepper. In a small pyrex dish, grease it with olive oil. Add the arugula and then cover with the egg mixture. Sprinkle the pepper rounds on top for a lovely presentation. Top with the crumbled goat feta cheese, the thyme and then drizzle with the olive oil. Top with salt and pepper.

Bake in the oven for 25 minutes or until cooked through. Remove from the oven, cut into slices and serve. Enjoy!

"Hey Diva, do I get some frittata? Smells delicious!"
-The Monster

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