Thursday, May 19, 2011

Afternoon Tea at the London West Hollywood

Afternoon Tea at the London West Hollywood

Sometimes I want to eat a picture.

That must be why they call it food porn. The colors, the textures, the glistening fat and sugar and all the other flavor profiles, gleaming in full color.

My mouth waters as I sweep my browser across the wide scape of the Internet, engorging myself on food blogs and food porn sites. I can look, but I can't taste. Such is the agony of being a foodie with a high speed Internet connection. I can gaze upon all the meals that I'll never eat (El Bulli, I'm looking at you) and all the dishes that I'll never cook. Forget food porn -- it should be called torture porn.

And why should I be the only one to suffer?

Here's a little food porn for the day.

These are photographs taken at the London West Hollywood's Afternoon Tea. I had the honor of tasting it twice in one week. The first time was with a rowdy group of food bloggers, and the second time was on Mother's Day with my in-laws. Both meals were gloriously sinful, filled with golden flutes of champagne, flaky scones and cream, raspberry tarts, chocolate butterflies, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Just remember, you can look, but you can't taste.


  1. Hello torturous food porn! I may not be able to taste now but hopefully in the future!!

  2. I hope you get the chance. They really do a great job with high tea. Best. Scones. Ever.