Monday, May 23, 2011

Meatless Monday: Blueberry Walnut Muffins

Fresh Blueberries from the Farmers Market

It's that glorious time of year: blueberries are back in season!

To say that I love blueberries would be the understatement of the century. I don't just love them -- I'm in love with them. I scoop them up at the farmers market and cradle a bag of them them like they're gold coins in a leather satchel. Blueberries are my desert island food. I can eat them by the handful, morning, noon, or night.

My mom claims that it's because when I was a wee little babe growing up in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands (it's a long story), it was one of the first foods that she introduced to me. There happened to be a surplus on the island that year. I loved them then, and my adoration for them has never waned.

Even better, they've since been proclaimed one of nature's most powerful superfoods, loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. There's only one caveat: conventionally grown blueberries have landed on the Dirty Dozen list because they test high for pesticide residue. So try to buy organic/no-spray blueberries if possible (like many of the ones sold at farmers markets).

To celebrate the coming of blueberry season, I wanted to share this recipe that was published in my "Farm to the Table" column on AOL's West Hollywood Patch for Blueberry Walnut Muffins. This healthy take on muffins contains whole grain flours, protein and healthy fats from the walnuts, natural sweeteners, and no dairy. It's the perfect way to start your morning.

Market Fresh Recipe: Blueberry Walnut Muffins

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