Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Fave Bites: Pinches Tacos (Plus Celebrity Chef Sighting!)

Pinches Taco Platter (Mole Pictured)
I've been meaning to write about Pinches Tacos, one of my favorite lunch spots in Los Angeles, for some time now. Chances are you've driven past the bright pink restaurant that's nestled right in the middle of the Sunset Strip. Maybe (in your possibly inebriated state), you've even contemplated pulling over for an emergency taco stop. (No shame in that -- I'm guessing they get a lot of late night business.)

So two weeks ago, I packed up my camera and the Adorable Monster and headed for Pinches, determined to capture evidence of my taco lunch to post for your enjoyment. Usually a chill atmosphere for weekday lunch, on this particular day, Pinches happened to be hopping. I placed my order, gathered my placard, and headed for the patio (it's dog friendly).

"Diva, where's my taco?" -The Adorable Monster
As I took my seat and tied up the Monster, I noticed a familiar face sitting with a large group at tables that had been pushed together. It was none other than celebrity Chef Curtis Stone. He was munching on tacos and fielding cell phone calls. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he's the hunky Aussie chef. I first stumbled upon him with his show on TLC, "Take Home Chef." Trust me, he's a chef you want to take home with you (I kid, I kid... well, not really).

Chef Curtis Stone Dining on Patio
Enough chef groupie talk -- let's talk food! Pinches has a wonderful menu filled with lots of glorious offerings, but the real reason to eat here is the tacos. Opt for the taco platter, which allows you to choose three tacos from their many varieties. It also comes with seasoned rice and fantastic beans topped with fresh chips.

While I'm a fan of all the taco varieties, I have three favorites: the Mole, the Pescado, and the Asada. The mole comes with a super saucy serving of shredded chicken in rich mole sauce, topped with a little red salsa and queso fresco. The Pescado contains delicately breaded and fried fish, topped with Veracruz slaw and salsa. Finally, the Asada comes with bits of Angus beef, topped with a flavorful tomatillo salsa that tastes of lime juice and cilantro. All the tacos come served in fresh soft corn tortillas.

Pinches is the best kind of street food -- rich, flavorful, affordable, not all that healthy, but worth it all the same. Writing this is making me salivate... I just might have to make an emergency taco trip to Pinches right now.

Pinches Tacos
8200 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046-2414
(323) 650-0614

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