Friday, June 12, 2009

The Diva and The Adorable Monster Take Off!

Today I'm packing up The Adorable Monster and heading for Floyd, Virginia to visit my parents, The Original Diva & The Wine Lover! Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Floyd is an eclectic place to say the least, home to artists, musicians, farmers and many more. My parents live on a beautiful river front property with sprawling mountain views and home to a veritable slew of animals, including two gold retrievers, two cats, three horses and a lovable, 42 year old donkey named Becky.

We're going to be out there for three weeks, plenty of time for the Adorable Monster to get country boot camp including swim lessons, and for me to explore the offerings of this incredible region. I promise to blog on the kitchen creations I make with the Original Diva using locally sourced ingredients! I'll also report on the wines we sample from The Wine Lover's cellar. Additionally, I'll write about the local offerings, hopefully including Oddfellas, a local eatery, The Country Store, home to Friday Night Jamboree Bluegrass nights and local wineries like Villa Appalachia and Chateau Morrisette. We also have a trip planned to the Greenbrier, the five diamond luxery hotel and resort in West Virginia. And finally, for The Wine Lover's 6oth birthday, The Original Diva and I will be cooking up a feast.

So divas, hold onto your horses and stay tuned! This promises to be a whirlwind trip full of food, wine & fun. I can't wait, now hopefully the Monster will survive the plane trip and not annoy the other passengers too much! Off we go!


  1. Have a great trip! Say hi to the fam for me! I can't believe Becky's still going strong! :)

  2. Jenni, so great to hear from you! Made it to Floyd, but the Monster had to stay behind. I'll def say hi to my 'rents for you.

    What's gong on with you? We'll be in Oahu from Aug 5-11 staying on the North Shore and would LOVE to see you. We rented a little house on the beach.